Welcome to Sunningdale Golf Club

Sunningdale is the quintessential English Club and as close to Augusta National as any club in the British Isles. Golf is the only thing that matters at Sunningdale

Alistair Tait
Golf Week

“So we’ve got a great field, and that’s what Sunningdale does – it brings that type of field together. My first competitive round at Sunningdale was in 1987, which was the Walker Cup. Ever since I first played it I’ve loved the place and I’ve always said it’s a gorgeous place to be, not just to play golf but to walk round.

It’s fantastic that we’re able to go back there and it’ll be a great success – Sunningdale always is. It’s a unique place to play golf and a lovely place to be.”

Colin Montgomerie, on the Senior Open 2015 at Sunningdale Golf Club