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Old School Moves New School Power

Set up position is paramount to hit those long drives. From set up you load the right side and then rotate through the ball. Below is a link to a short coaching video from Brian Manzella a Top 40 Golf Coach of America, who Matt will be attending a 2 day learning course with shortly at The Belfry.

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Fishing Rod Swing

Michael Jacobs is again a highly respected coach in the industry and here he is talking about loading power into the club at the top of the golf swing. Using this technique it allows you to get the club moving on the correct path with speed. Matt will also be seeing Michael at a seminar in the coming weeks.

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Short Game

Using bounce is key in any tour player’s short game as they know this is what gives them a safety net on strike. Please find attached a link to a very interesting piece by Stan Utley filmed at last weeks PGA Show in Orlando which was attend by one of our Professionals Michael. Stan Utley has coached numerous tour pros and is very highly regarded in the world of golf coaching.

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Putting Foundations

Cheryl Anderson is a golf coach at the Mike Bender Golf Academy in America who is ranked 14th by Golf Digest of Top Lady Golf Coaches. In this link Cheryl is identifying the key elements in set up that should be followed and recognised in all styles of putting.

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